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Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t; but California is home to the highest number of veterans in the United States. Of the 1.5 million veterans who call California their home, almost 300,000 of them reside in Los Angeles County. The Antelope Valley is home to almost 80,000 of those veterans and on Thursday, July 15, 2021 many of the Antelope Valley’s Veteran resources and organizations came together to connect, share, and increase accessibility for these veterans.

Assembled by Vets 4 Veterans, Antelope Valley and hosted by their Community Relations Director, Nayda Figueroa; over twenty different organizations came together with one mission: to be there for our veterans. There is a wealth of organizations and resources available to our local veterans, but they cannot be utilized if our veterans are unaware of their existence or how to connect with them. This resource event connected these organizations with each other and with veterans, in hopes of increasing the accessibility and visibility of these resources.


Vets 4 Veterans- Their mission is to empower local veterans, who suffer the

physical and psychological wounds of war, to successfully

reintegrate into the life of their community. Vets 4 Veterans has a

multitude of programs to assist, support, and stabilize veterans

through education, therapies, transitional housing, financial

assistance, and vocational skills.

Contact Information:

Facebook @Vets4veteransantelopevalley

Instagram @avvets4veterans


Pointman Antelope Valley- an Outpost of Point Man International Ministries (PMIM), is

a non-profit organization with the purpose of addressing and

meeting the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of Veterans

and their families in the Antelope Valley. All Veterans are welcome

to join. Due to the COVID-19 situation, PMAV meetings will be held

via Zoom every Tuesday at 6:00pm.


Contact Information:

Mike Bertell (661) 524-6408

Facebook @avwalldisplay


U.S.V.B.A. – The U.S. Veteran Business Alliance is veteran-led organization, made up of

volunteers to assist veterans in becoming business owners. They work to

provide veterans with a sense of purpose and community, assist veterans

in navigating steps to building their businesses, educate veterans on

certification benefits, and achieve financial independence. They offer peer-

to-peer mentorship and backed by Fortune 500 Companies.


Contact Information:

(888) 517-3822


MHALA- Mental Health America of Los Angeles focuses on housing stability and

sustainability for non-VA Veterans, including employment training and

placement, to prevent and reduce homelessness and to promote stable

living. We also offer benefits assistance and personal financial planning, as

well as temporary financial assistance to help them get back on their feet.


Contact Information:

Palmdale: 661-947-1993


AVVCAC- The Antelope Valley Veteran Community Action Coalition works to advance

the status of local veterans through service, education, and advocacy. They

are able to provide resources to disabled Veterans regarding housing and

handicap assistance programs. AVVCAC hosts a coffee for vets breakfast

every Wednesday from 0730 to 0930 at Scramblez Café in Palmdale. This

breakfast allows them to share up to date information with our veterans

and the coffee is free and meals are 10% for veterans.


Contact Information:

Scramblez Café on Wednesdays

835 East Ave Q-9 in Palmdale

AVVCAC 5849 East Ave T-8

(661) 317-4956


Breakfast for Veterans- Breakfast for Veterans is hosted by Disabled American

Veterans (DAV) at Desert Vineyard Church on Ave I and Challenger Way

every Monday at 8 am. This is another opportunity for veterans to connect

with one another, receive information on veteran resources and upcoming

events, and get details on VA benefits available to them. The DAV also

meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7 pm.

Contact Information: Desert Vineyard Church

1011 East Ave I

Lancaster, CA 93535


DAV Meeting Location

45221 30th St. West

Lancaster, CA 93536

DAV Commander, Sonia Gibbs

(661) 533-5545


Homes 4 Families- Their mission is to build resiliency, economic growth,

neighborhoods, and homes for veteran families. Veterans are provided

with specialized services and education to assist with Military trauma and

to move them into the middle class. These services include financial

literacy, health and wellness and vet-to-vet support, and have been

designed, tested and registered/copyrighted. The Homes 4 Families

Palmdale Home Ownership Program offers a $100 down payment, low

monthly payments, “Sweat Equity” to educate and work toward ownership

and financial stability, and connections with neighbors in a veteran only


Contact information:

Alejandro Castillo, (661) 441-0716


Cal Vet- ​ The California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) works to serve

California veterans and their families. CalVet strives to ensure that its

veterans of every era and their families get the state and federal benefits

and services they have earned and deserve as a result of selfless and

honorable military service. CalVet strives to serve veterans and their

families with dignity and compassion and to help them achieve their

highest quality of life.


Contact Information: Antelope Valley Senior Center

777 Jackman Street

Lancaster, CA 93534

(661) 726-4410


Veterans Service Office Lancaster

335 E. Ave K-10

Lancaster, CA 93535

(661) 974-8842


The Office of Congressman Mike Garcia- Congressman Mike Garcia’s office can assist

with navigating federal agencies like Social Security, IRS and the VA;

Congressional Commendations; and resources or supports for grant



Contact Information: www.MikeGarcia.House.Gov

Antelope Valley Office

1008 West Ave M-14, Suite E

Palmdale, CA 93551

(661) 839-0532


American Legion- The American Legion’s mission is to enhance the well-being of

America's veterans, their families, our military, and our communities by

our devotion to mutual helpfulness. The American Legion's vision

statement is "The American Legion: Veterans Strengthening America.”

The American Legion's value principles are as follows:


· A VETERAN IS A VETERAN - The American Legion embraces all current and

former members of the military and endeavors to help them transition

into their communities.

· SELFLESS SERVICE - The American Legion celebrates all who contribute to

something larger than themselves and inspires others to serve and

strengthen America.

· AMERICAN VALUES AND PATRIOTISM - The American Legion advocates for

upholding and defending the United States Constitution, equal justice and

opportunity for everyone and discrimination against no one, youth

education, responsible citizenship and honoring military service by

observing and participating in memorial events.


the unique needs of local communities.

· ADVANCING THE VISION - The American Legion educates, mentors and

leads new generations of Americans.

· HONOR THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE US - The American Legion pays

perpetual respect for all past military sacrifices to ensure they are never

forgotten by new generations.


Contact Information: American Legion Post 311

44355 40th St East

Lancaster, CA 93535

(661) 946-1919


American Legion Post 348

38260 10th St East

Palmdale, CA 93550

(661) 273-1348


WAVES- Wounded American Veterans Experience Scuba works with wounded

veterans using scuba diving to assist in rehabilitating injuries received

while serving our country. The WAVES project has helped veterans and

their families positively deal with the effects of injuries and PTSD.

Headquartered in Temecula, California WAVES works with AV Desert Divers

to help veterans in the Antelope Valley.


Contact Information:


Facebook @theWAVESProject


VPAN- Veteran Peer Access Network helps connect veterans and their families to

the following services regardless of discharge status:

· Mental Health Treatment

· Substance misuse support

· Temporary and permanent housing

· Workforce development and employment

· Healthcare access

· Education enrollment and financial assistance

· Legal Services

· Community- an opportunity to connect with veterans


Contact Information: (800) 854-7771 option #3



JVS- Jobs. Vision. Success. Is the umbrella over the VPAN and works to get

veterans job ready with resume and job placement assistance. Access to

JVS and VPAN can be reached through Jimmy Guevara.

Contact Information:

Rally Point

237 E. Columbia Way

Lancaster, CA 93535


Patriot Guard Riders- The mission of the Patriot Guard Riders is to ensure dignity and

respect at memorial services honoring Fallen Military Heroes, First

Responders and honorably discharge Veterans.


To request a mission for a fallen hero in Southern California visit

and complete the request a mission form.


Antelope Valley Vet Center- The AVVC provides a variety of counseling services;

referral services including medical, benefit, employment and VA; and

community engagement.


Contact Information: 38925 Trade Center Dr. Suite J

Palmdale, CA 93551

(661) 267-1026

Veterans Crisis Line

1-800-273-8255 and press 1


Coffee 4 Vets- Our Mission is to identify senior World War II, Korean, and Vietnam

Veterans and to provide an environment where theses Senior Veterans of

all military branches and genders along with family members of these

veterans can meet to converse with one another, sharing concerns they

may have and to help find ways to improve their daily lives while sharing

coffee and a meal. We bring together senior veterans of all military

branches and genders on a weekly basis in a safe environment for coffee

and a meal to address, educate, and provide aid while disseminating

information from the Veterans Administration, state and local agencies of

any benefit changes affecting their daily lives. Our program includes

sending out ambassadors to raise social consciousness about senior

veterans’ needs and to hold fundraising events in order to provide

assistance regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. Coffee is every Tuesday

from 0700 – 0900 at Crazy Otto’s on Ave I in Lancaster.

Contact Information:

Facebook @coffee4vets



In reality, this is just a handful of the organizations out there to support and assist our veterans in living their best lives and honoring them as they deserve. It is our goal to be yet another resource for our veterans, to help connect with the services and supports they may need; including camaraderie with us and amongst other veterans.

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