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What is R.E.D Fridays?

There are so many ways to show your respect for those serving overseas, and R.E.D Fridays is just the start. R.E.D stands for Remember Everyone Deployed, and on Fridays, hundreds of thousands of civilians put on their red shirts, red ties, red anything to show their endless support.

R.E.D Fridays is believed to have been started around 2004, 2005, or 2006 either by email chain or by two military spouses in Canada! What started as a small act in their local community turned into something much larger in America!

Looking for your own red shirt? Head to

Red Shirt Friday is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and when authentic Red Shirt Friday merchandise is purchased, the proceeds go directly to one of their pre-approved charitable organizations.

Bombshell Betty's Calendar for Charity loves to participate in R.E.D Fridays and it is our goal every Friday to share stories and our support!

Learn more down below:

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