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The Bombshell Bettys were founded in 2016 by Bonnie Navarro the idea came about after Bonnie had paid a visit her fathers grave at Lancaster Cemetery and seeing the Wreaths on the headstones of the military men and women. Her father had served in the Airforce during the Korean conflict. She got this idea that she wanted to help raise funds. After some research she found that an organization call Wreaths Across America provided the wreaths that were placed on the headstones in cemeteries all across the nation, but it was possible to raise funds to support just your local cemetery and Bonnie thought would be amazing to raise money to help pay for the wreaths at the cemetery through the production and sales of a calendar. After looking at the cost of printing the calendar physically the next hurdle was how would she cover the cost of printing the calendars? The idea of getting sponsors was conceived.  

The first donation, Bonnie heard about this group called Vets 4 Veterans and heard they were having a 5k run. She called the VP Jack and explained what she was trying to do and asked if there was a possibility of having a booth at their run, he told her that usually people had to pay to be there and that she would have to speak to Tom. Tom called her and she told him what she was thinking of doing and he granted the booth. At that 5k run Bombshell Bettys received its very first $100.00 donation from a veteran who liked the photos and the ladies from the model troop whom we were using at the time, Pinups For American Heroes.                     


Shortly after Bonnie asked long time friend  Cheyenne Anderson-Hess to come on to help with props and set design. Cheyenne with her masters degree writes all of our contracts and professional paperwork as well as organizing events. Cheyenne was like a duck in water and things began to flourish. The project evolved and the next year they had enough growth that they were filling out the paperwork for their Non-profit status. The scope of what Bombshell Bettys has evolved beyond the  scope of just a calendar, we are now out in the community visiting our veterans, we do a photo booth, we put on our own car show, we spread smiles and love all over the surrounding community and all over Southern California.  We look forward to the upcoming years and the future of the Bombshell has in store as we grow in community  and popularity. 



Our Mission is to raise support and awareness for Veterans' charities through community involvement, beautiful photos and Pin Ups.



Throughout the year, the Bombshell Betty's Calendar for Charity will be making appearances throughout Northern L.A. County. 

You can support us by sharing and following us on our website, events page, social medias and even donating. Getting the word out makes all the difference to gathering donations to give back to our Veterans.



Throughout the year, the Bombshell Betty's Calendar for Charity will be making appearances throughout Northern L.A. County. 

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